Museums and sights

Archaeological museum

Aardenburg is one of the oldest cities with a particularly rich subsoil. Many Roman and medieval objects were found during various excavations.
You and your family can experience Roman times in a surprising way.


The fishing museum
In the sea aquarium you can observe various fish, sharks, seahorses, flatfish, crabs, shrimps, starfish and lobsters. An old fisherman demonstrates knitting a fishing net and tying fisherman's knots. Stories are told about the sea, fishermen and special catches such as fossils, shells and other sea treasures.
You can discover various birds on display in one of the largest collections.

The oldest cast iron lighthouse in the Netherlands can be found upon the dyke in Breskens. This unique national monument has been a beacon of light for ships in all weathers for 150 years. It is estimated that 3000kg of iron cement was used for the Breskens lighthouse. The supporting pillars, stairs, windows, doors, fences and floors were also cast separately.

Het ‘Vlaemsche Erfgoed’

Het ‘Vlaemsche Erfgoed’ offers a glimpse into a Zeeuws-Vlaamse agricultural village. In the cobbled Slijkstraatje you will become acquainted with the artisanal life of 100 years ago. Grandmother's time is revived in the village shop, hair salon, painting workshop, bakery and so on.

Museum Het Bolwerk

Museum Het Bolwerk is the museum of the State-Spanish Lines and shows how the inhabitants of the region have defended themselves against various enemies over the centuries. This is unique, because part of the history of the origins of the Netherlands is still visible and tangible, here the landscape can be found.


Museum House1912
Discover an old and authentic house, built in 1912, by farmer Pieter de Hullu. Children enter an unknown world here: life with simple means, without cell phones and television. The house still has many authentic features and is furnished with antiquities and objects from the period 1900 - 1950. By appointment you can dress up in original Cadzand costumes.

Museum café Het Koekoeksnest
You will find this museum café located in a beautiful monumental barn.
There are statues, sets, puppets and automatically playing instruments everywhere. There is a flying ship and a clock with hands that turn backwards.
Don't just feast your eyes, but also enjoy a snack and a drink in this special café.

Switchback War Museum

The museum is named after the code name of the Canadian military operation to liberate West Zeeland Flanders in October 1944: “Operation Switch Back”. This war museum tells the impressive story of the battle between the Germans and the Allies.

Museum Het Belfort

The Belfry, the only one in the Netherlands, is in the pleasant center of the Zeeuws-Vlaams shopping town of Sluis!
You will be introduced to the story about the origins and the city of Sluis in an interactive way. You’ll find a council chamber, the mayor's chamber, the council cellar and the Belfry Tower, with the 'Jantje van Sluis' as the icing on the cake. Once at the top, there is a beautiful view over Sluis and the West Zeeuws-Vlaams countryside.
You’ll also learn more about the most famous Sluis-resident J. H. van Dale, the founder of the dictionary 'De Dikke Van Dale'.

Agricultural Museum

On the organic farm of the Verhage family in Schoondijke you will discover agriculture of the past and present. Go back in time and view the collection of agricultural machines, tools and utensils from the beginning of the 20th century. End your visit in the museum garden, on the sunny terrace, play clogs/football golf or wander through the corn maze (seasonal).